Be a Part of the $6 Million Advantage Through Engine Alliance

A380 operators realize up to $6 million in annual advantages for every aircraft powered by GP7200 engines. Its lower fuel burn affords greater range and larger payloads. Engineered for greater reliability and the lower maintenance costs that come with it. Make the most of your A380.

Support on a Different Scale.

Unconditional Performance. Under Any Conditions.

Combine the A380's most durable engine with the world's biggest support network and you operate without interruption, even under the most extreme conditions.

Most Durable Engine.
Most Durable Engine. >>

How a historic collaboration creates enduring engine life and performance.

Widest Network.
Widest Network. >>

See where the GP7200 fleet flies and the unparalleled service and support system behind it.

Why It's Your Customers' Choice.

The greatest return from your biggest customers.

The quietest, most reliable, most economical engine for the A380 is designed to maximize your return on investment — and the return of your customers. Your passengers will also remark how quiet it is.


February 28, 2019

EA Releases Statement on Support of GP7200 Engines

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February 5, 2018

Engine Alliance Inaugurates MRO Work in Singapore

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November 12, 2017

EEMC and EA Reflect on Long-Time Relationship Prior to Dubai Air Show 2017

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