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To learn more about the features and benefits of the GP7200, roll your mouse over the engine modules below.

  • 1

    Fan Module/Blade Containment

    • Built on PW4084 foundation
    • FOD and erosion resistant, swept wide chord hollow titanium fan blade with 3D aerodynamic design
    • Lightweight and durable Kevlar aluminum containment system
    • Improved fan/exit guide vane spacing for optimum noise
    • Individual fan blade reparability and on wing replacement
  • 2

    Low Pressure Compressor

    • Built on PW4084 foundation
    • 3D aerodynamic airfoil design for reduced fuel burn and increased EGT Margin and life
    • Low dirt and debris particle ingestion design for improved durability and long on wing life
  • 3

    9-Stage High Pressure Compressor

    • Built on GE90 Foundation
    • 3D aerodynamic airfoil design for improved efficiency, FOD resistance and superior stall-free operation
    • Thermally matched casing and rotors for improved performance retention through blade rub reduction.
    • Wide chord, forward swept stage 1 blisk for reduced maintenance cost and on wing repair
  • 4

    Low Emission Combustor

    • Derived from GE CF6 and CFM technologies
    • Low emission technology with single annular combustor (SAC) design simplicity
    • Meets all current and future CAEP emission requirements with significant margin
  • 5

    High Pressure Turbine

    • Built on GE90 Foundation
    • 3D aerodynamic design, split blade cooling for optimum performance and durability
    • Thermally matched casing and rotors for performance retention through tighter blade tip clearances.
    • Boltless rotor architecture reduces part count and increases disk life, reducing overall maintenance costs
  • 6

    Low Pressure Turbine

    • Built on PW4000 foundation
    • 3D aerodynamic airfoil design for reduced fuel burn and increased EGT Margin and life
    • Axial gap optimization/2-stage acoustic cut off design for noise reduction
    • Hollow airflows for increased turbine efficiency and reduced weight
  • 7

    Bearing & Lube System

    • Built on GE90 and PW4000 technologies
    • Simple two spool engine architecture results in better overall reliability and reduced maintenance costs
    • Short, one piece tower shaft for improved accessory drive train reliability
    • Carbon seals reduce oil consumption and fuel burn
    • Low pressure, unregulated lube system allows easier system servicing and recued oil volume
  • 8

    Digital Engine Control

    • Based on GE90 and CFM technologies
    • FADEC III Engine Control System builds upon experience of previous two generations
    • Advanced condition motoring system integration with A380 aircraft sets new standards in performance trending and remote diagnostic compatibility
    • Advanced processing capability and redundant critical monitoring sensors results in significant reduction potential in aircraft delays and cancellations
  • 9

    Accessory Gearbox

    • Based on PW4000 proven design
    • Core mounted architecture maintains shorter, less complex tower shaft configuration for improved maintainability
    • Internally cored lubrication passage minimizes external plumbing and oil leakage potential
    • Proven gear, bearing and steel design for long life durability
  • 10

    Transportability/Propulsor Option

    • Based on GE90 and PW4000 designs and maintainability
    • Engine split-ship capability to facilitate module transported by most wide body combi and freighter aircraft
    • Propulsor configuration option available to support out station engine change out and minimize engine investments